To add the City of Los Angeles' Global Navigation Bar on your website,
simply add the following code snippet

<script src="//"></script>

Latest version: 3.3 (changelog)


The global navigation bar is part of the Mayor's Office's initiative to establish the City's brand and establish a sense of uniformity for the public as they visit the City's various websites. As such, the bar should be included on all official City websites and should maintain a consistent appearance and height throughout.


The navigation bar is developed in Javascript and tested to work on the following browsers:

The navigation bar is section 508 compliant

Make sure to test your site throughly when including the navigation bar to your website. If you notice some elements of your website shifting the placement of those elements may offset in CSS or scripts based on the distance from the top of the webpage. Since the navigation bar is placed on the very top of the website, the offset needs to calculate for the existence of the bar which is 47 pixels high.


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